About Studio 7

Children's Classes

The classes are aimed at primary school aged children, they are no more than 10 children per class, I create the lesson plans myself and always do a trial run of my own so that I can advise the children fully.

I create projects that are fun and interesting but at the same time help them learn about art and develop their skills.

I believe that art is a great healing and therapeutic tool as well, it helps to concentrate and calm the mind and teaches children how to focus and take their time, to learn patience and perseverance, but that doesn't mean the classes are boring and solemn, we all have great fun and some wonderful friendships have been made.


During the school holidays I will run workshops where we can try out  bigger more developed projects that we couldn't otherwise fit into a 90 mins lesson.

Adult classes

I plan to be running some adult art classes in the evenings in the near future, these will be based around projects that you can do as a total beginner with no previous art experience but that will enable you to produce artwork worthy of hanging on your wall.